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Frequently Asked Questions


Please e-mail us with any soccer-related questions to:


Where are you based?

Our office and warehouse facility is based in Ilam, Christchurch.


Can I come to your warehouse to buy products?

No, our warehouse is for distribution only.


Do you have a shopping outlet?

No, our business is strictly mail order and on-line. This way we can provide a wider range of product at keener prices to soccer enthusiasts NZ-wide.


How do I get my shirts numbered?

We can arrange numbering and application of logo's at a small extra charge, please e-mail or phone for details. Alternatively you can use any reputable screen printer with appropriate facilities.


What do I do if the boots don't fit?

Send them back! We are happy to exchange any product that doesn't fit under our 100% satisfaction guarantee, please see our returns page for details.


Why are some boots so much more expensive than others?

Just like with most consumer products like computers or DVD players, the manufacturers of sports equipment are forever investing in research and development to make their products better and increase the performance benefits for the end-user.

The more costly boots generally use more expensive materials in their construction and manufacturers quite rightly place a premium on their latest technology. You will quite often see a piece of technology stay in a manufacturer's boot range for a few years but move down the price spectrum as the technology becomes older.


Why can't I find the product I'm looking for?

Try the categories in products, or alternatively type the product name into the search facility. If you still can't find it please contact us and we will be delighted to help.


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